When we learned several weeks ago that there may be a “safer at home” order, we immediately engaged with our IT team to take action on our emergency plan.  In just a couple of days, we were able to smoothly transition about 90% of our staff to work from their home.  We have a great IT team that worked at night and over the weekend to help us accomplish this task very rapidly using existing computers and resources. Our team members are very important to us. We are thrilled that we could move them to their home environment to keep them safe and healthy well ahead of mandated orders.  We are even more pleased to report that we kept and are keeping current on all work during this transition and will continue this plan into the foreseeable future.

One of the foundations of our mission is that we provide the best quality personalized service that we can with personnel who are located in the United States – many who live and work locally near our client’s practices.  We have read so many accounts lately, particularly from groups that use off shore billing, where those companies have not been able to quickly adapt to the problem and much of their work has not been able to be processed, because those employees could not be transitioned to work from their home.  We are so proud of our entire team.  This is an unprecedented problem but our team members have risen to the occasion with great attitudes and flexibility to make sure that we continue our work without any interruption to our valued client partners.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our clients were in the process of setting up telemedicine services at some point this year.  The onset of the pandemic accelerated their plans.  While our staff was already knowledgeable and had experience regarding telemedicine billing and regulations, we were able to very quickly make changes to the billing system for these clients to accommodate this new service offering that they wanted to start providing – immediately!  We were also able to add new categories to our reports to easily quantify and track these telemedicine charges and payments for them.

CompMed has been in touch daily with attorneys, CPAs, and bankers to gather and distribute information from the IRS, SBA (Small Business Administration), and Medicare Contractors regarding the loans/grants that are being offered.

We are doing everything we possibly can to maintain the level of quality and productivity our clients are accustomed to seeing from our staff and to minimize any disruption to our work flow during this crisis.

From our CompMed family to you and yours, we wish you health and wellness!

Clarissa Harris
President & COO
Comprehensive Medical Solutions, Inc.