Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer any questions you have about CompMed Solutions.
What type of billing does CompMed do?

We process a variety of types of billing:  Hospital based, office based, Episode based, Long term care facility based, telemedicine, etc.  These types of groups are generally Radiology, anesthesia, radiation oncology, long term care/palliative/geriatric physician billing, Office based E&M code billing.  Our software is versatile and our staff is knowledgeable and experienced to can handle any Part B type billing.

What type of services does CompMed offer?

Billing Only, Full Practice Management (billing + accounting), Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, Credentialing Services, Consulting Services, Coding and Auditing Services, Compliance Services, Contract Negotiations, and more.

What will my fee with CompMed be?

There is not a standard fee across the board.  And there shouldn’t be.  CompMed wants to charge you a fair price for the quality work that we do for your practice’s needs.  Pricing varies among clients, because every client is different and every client desires different services.  In order to give you pricing, we need to know certain pieces of information from you, because your answers determine how we will tailor our services to fit your particular practice’s needs.  Such factors include:  How many providers will we be billing for?  What type of providers do you employ (MD/DO, NP, PA for example)?  Do you want us to handle your credentialing? How many CPTs do you bill for annually? How many and what type of Locations do you serve?  What is the payer mix for each of those Locations?  How will you get your work to us?  How do you expect us to enter your work: manually or electronically or a hybrid?  Do you do PQRS/MACRA/MIPS reporting and do you expect us to assist you with that? What EHR do you use? Will we need to create a new interface between your EHR and/or Service Facility?  All of these answers, and more, affect our pricing.  Some questions may necessitate you acquiring certain billing reports or historical information about your practice for us to review. We ask these questions so that we can relay a fair price to do ALL of your work with quality, in a timely and efficient manner. We don’t have one fee for everyone because we do not want to charge you for work we will not be doing for your practice.

How do I get my charges to you?

CompMed can receive your charges in a variety of ways but we prefer an electronic format  transmitted to us in a secure manner from either your Service Facility or EHR.  This allows us to make the computer work for us and process your charges in the most timely and efficient manner.  Charges getting out the door faster means payments come in quicker.

What billing software do you use?

CompMed has partnered with Imagine, an industry leading and technologically advanced Revenue Cycle Management billing and practice management software:

Does CompMed offer EHR software?

Yes, we partner with Sevocity.


Can you text or email patient statements?

We do not transmit the actual statement nor in an unsecure manner.  But yes, for those patients who provide a cell phone number, we can send a text alert to their cell phone that their statement is ready to view on the secure portal.  We prefer this method because it is the fastest way for the patient to retrieve their bill.  For other patients, we mail paper statements.  We also make phone calls to patients who have a balance due.  We find using texting and paper is very effective and keeps Days in AR lower.

Do you offer a secure patient portal for a patient to pay their bill online?

Yes, we feel it is important to offer as many ways as possible for a patient to easily pay their bill.

Will CompMed do my credentialing?

Yes, CompMed will be happy to process this for you and this item will be detailed in our proposal.  We do business in over 30 states so we are very familiar with Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) and most commercial credentialing and contracting requirements.  If online processing is available, like Medicare’s PECOS, we process the credentialing online.  Credentialing affects payments.  We ask for 60 to 90 days advanced notice before a new provider will start seeing patients on their first Date of Service.  This allows us to complete the credentialing in a timely manner so that your practice avoids denials for non par.

Who at CompMed will do my work?

Certified coders credentialed with the American Academy of Procedural Coders (AAPC), Radiology Coding Certification Board (RCCB), and/or American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) will code your charges.  Many of our staff are certified Medicare Part B Billers.  Most of our staff have been employed 10 years or longer; we have very little turnover. You can be assured an adequate number of personnel will be assigned to do your work, with quality, professionalism, attention to detail, and processed in a timely and efficient manner.

Where will CompMed process my work?

ALL work is done in the United States, we do not farm out any work outside of the US.  The specific office where the work will be performed, either the client’s office or one of CompMed’s Business Centers, will be based on the client’s needs.

Will I be assigned an Account Manager?

Yes, but we do use a team approach. There are many individuals who work to make your billing and practice management a success.  You will have direct email and cell phone contact with your Account Manager and many other associates so that your questions or issues can be addressed timely and appropriately.

Will I receive monthly reports from CompMed?

Yes, we work with you to learn the information that is important to you and your group.  Then we tailor that reporting specific to your practice in the format of standard reports, custom reports, and our unique CARS snap shot summary report.

Why am I encountering certain claim denials?

Our Lead Certified Coder and Account Manager will provide coding feedback to you on a regular basis regarding a variety of issues.  Our team will educate you on how to improve your dictation to comply with appropriate documentation requirements, which helps reduce claim denials.

Will CompMed help me with my MACRA/MIPS reporting?

Our CompMed team will educate you on PQRS, MACRA, MIPS, and other quality measures and reporting.  We do have the ability to do claims based reporting, but if you use an EHR like Sevocity, we recommend that this reporting be done through the EHR.  CompMed can assist with educating you on how to capture this in your EHR and also assist you with the reporting and submission to the Registry.  Any pricing related to this will be detailed in our proposal.

Will CompMed process my group's payroll?

Yes.  CompMed offers a full suite of accounting and finance processing options: from Payroll, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, Benefit processing, and more.  You can choose one, some, or all of the financial services we offer.  You do not need to have a Billing contract with us  in order for us to process your accounting items.

Does CompMed have a compliance plan?

Yes.  We employ a Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO) who also serves as our Security Officer and Privacy Officer.  CompMed follows all billing rules and regulations.  We follow the Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) guidelines regarding training and retraining.  We perform regular audits to ensure we are routinely submitting correct claims.  Proper compliance education and training – to our employees and client providers – reduces denials, reduces Days in AR, and ensures prompt and accurate payments.

In what States do you offer your services?

CompMed can process billing in any State in the United States.  We currently serve over 30 states and do business with every listed Medicare MAC.

Do you process billing for just one provider?

Yes, we have many solo practitioners that we bill for.

Can you process billing for a group with more than 25 providers?

Yes, we process the billing for and manage groups of all sizes and types.

I need more information or would like to speak to someone, who can I contact?

Please contact Angela Patterson directly any time at (423) 903-6796 or