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Considering outside resources, such as Comprehensive Medical Solutions, Inc., may better assist your practice in developing a diverse team, action plan, and key milestones. CompMed has the experience and expertise to help guide your practice into a more profitable future. Our business is your solution.

You didn’t become a physician to practice business.

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Our Packages

On Site

Choose to maintain a local office presence where CompMed will staff and manage all billing office employees on site. This is a perfect solution for IDTFs and Office Based practices.


Choose for CompMed to process your billing in one of its state-of-the-art technology facilities. This is a perfect solution for hospital-based practices and relieves you of office and personnel management.


Choose to work in the cloud. CompMed provides the software, training, and technology management. You are in full control of the office staff and A/R processing. This is a perfect solution for any practice that does not want to incur a capital purchase.

CompMed can also offer a customized hybrid staffing model.

Our Approach

Billing & Reimbursement

Timely, accurate, and well-documented patient billing is essential to your practice’s financial strength. Yet achieving reliability in billing and collections is often the single most difficult task of in-house practice management.

CompMed uses Imagine Software Platform software and the knowledge of our reimbursement specialists to achieve maximum appropriate reimbursement. CompMed maintains close working relationships with BlueCross, Medicare, Medicaid, and other third-party payors. Understanding provider requirements and reacting quickly to changes help our clients avoid costly mistakes and delays.

Personnel Management

Personnel Management can be a major cause of time drain and anxiety. Worrying about compensation levels and raises, employee infighting, and whether you are in compliance with current labor laws are only a few fangs of the medical business monster that can take a bite out of your time and energies.

Let CompMed assume responsibility for your non-medical staffing. We recruit, train, and supervise all personnel and administer wage and benefit programs. Since we train all of our business personnel – from office staff to professional advisors – in the same systems and procedures, the loss of a key person working for your practice will not have a major impact on the success of your operations.

The result is your practice enjoys the full benefits of comprehensive, integrated management without your having to shoulder the burden of personnel administration.

Financial & Business Management

The cornerstone of our management mission is to provide a framework in which your practice can achieve its goals and you can realize professional and personal success. This is accomplished by financial and business management techniques. At monthly management meetings with the partners, we provide timely financial information and discuss issues of current importance. These briefings give you comprehensive knowledge of your practice without consuming your valuable medical time.

We keep a constant watch on Washington and the state capitols to keep you abreast of changes in health care legislation and tax laws. Knowing what is happening and how it will affect you leads to the most advantageous planning. No individual practice could afford the management professionals with seasoned experience we provide. But by sharing our knowledge with many physician groups, comprehensive management becomes both affordable and profitable.

Experience shows that comprehensive management leads to substantially greater financial rewards. Our physicians average a higher net income than their peers. And they are the first in their area to take advantage of new opportunities in their fields, thus assuring their position in an industry subject to constant and severe change.