Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Solutions for Complex Medical Business Management.

CompMed Medical Billing SolutionsRevenue Cycle Management (RCM) in the industry is often times referred to as “Billing Only.”  CompMed will employ the billing staff and complete all of the billing-related tasks.  CompMed focuses on charge capture and verification so that you receive payment on ALL of the services you provided – no more wondering if there were “missed” charges.  We also conduct internal and external charge audits to ensure the correct CPT and ICD10 codes were applied – then we give feedback to the provider to educate them on how to improve their dictation to support billed charges.  Compliance is always a first thought and second nature to CompMed team members – we want to ensure we achieve 100% correct billing. With the high-tech Imagine software, we collect more payments in a shorter amount of time.

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