Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Solutions for Complex Medical Business Management.

CompMed Medical Billing SolutionsRevenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the industry term for the total management of the billing function and apparatus that performs it. It is vastly more than “just billing” and requires astute skilled management to monitor and manage the process from initial coding, charge capture, and claim submission to denial management and collection of self pay accounts.

The CompMed suite of reimbursement and RCM solutions (Imagine), closely dovetailed with the efficiencies of the Sevocity Electronic Health Record (EHR), makes this process more efficient and effective, thus reducing overall expenses to the practice.

The decline in physician reimbursement through Alternative Payment Systems and Quality Measures initiatives makes the accurate performance of the Revenue Cycle Management process essential to the success of today’s medical practice.

Let CompMed show you how to manage the business side of medicine and improve your bottom line with our Full Practice Management or ala carte comprehensive suite of services..

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