Internal Medicine/Hospitalists

Solutions for Your Practice

CompMed Medical Billing SolutionsProviding solutions for Internal Medicine and Hospitalist providers. CompMed has partnered with Sevocity to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for your practice. The Sevocity EHR captures clinical information and then seamlessly integrates with the CompMed billing computer to bill out and collect on the charges generated in the office-based and hospital setting.  The Sevocity EHR offers electronically ordered prescriptions as well as other orders and easily and quickly captures Quality Measure data for MACRA/MIPS.  CompMed can assist providers with Quality Reporting via a Registry.

These types of provider groups particularly enjoy our partnership with Sevocity.  CompMed clients are eligible to receive special pricing rates from Sevocity.  Many physicians find themselves overwhelmed with the requirements of clinical documentation in the EHR not to mention billing for their charges in a practice management computer.  CompMed assists the client with their account start-up in Sevocity and constructs the billing bridge between the Sevocity computer and the CompMed computer.

We provide Analytics reports to verify that the correct reimbursement is received according to the negotiated fee schedule contracted amounts related to the client’s specific locality.  We provide extensive custom reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to be able to data mine by Service Location, by Rendering Provider, by Referring Doctor, by Date of Service, by CPT, by Insurance, and many many other metrics.

In the age of every-growing higher and higher deductibles, the client can choose to offer patients a new way to pay, with HonorCare.  HonorCare allows the patient to make payments via a secure web portal, however, the client receives a one-time lump sum net payment.  This allows us to post the payment to the patient’s account within a few business days, resolving that account, and further reduces Days in A/R.  This is a great tool to implement to increase the practice’s cash flow with respect to patient responsibility balances.  And CompMed doesn’t charge the client extra for this feature!

Merchant Card fees are always another area of concern to our clients.  We use an industry leading merchant card service to ensure that the client enjoys the lowest credit card rates available.  Lower expenses means the client has more available cash to disburse.

Office-based groups may have contracts with local employers.  CompMed will assist the group with creating a “group invoice” and then will capture and bill for these charges.  This is another way the group can expand their services and CompMed easily bill and collect for these types of charges.

One of the biggest challenges with these types of practices is that they may not initially participate with all of the insurance companies the patient population may be insured by.  CompMed works with the group to enroll them with these insurances.  CompMed assists the group with evaluating the proposed reimbursement and then processes the Payer’s enrollment paperwork.  We make sure every provider is linked to the group to ensure that the practice receive the in-network reimbursement.

CompMed provides measurable analytics to ensure the group is informed on the data produced by their practice and provides trending information so that the Principals can make quick informed decisions about the operation of their business.