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RadiologyRadiology is an ever-changing type of business.  Recently we have seen the advent of smaller groups consolidating into or being acquired by larger mega-groups.  CompMed can process the billing for a solo radiologist or for groups that have 60 or more providers.   Another trend is to outsource radiology billing tasks to individuals located in other countries outside of the United States.  CompMed does not do this.  ALL CompMed employees are located in the US; many reside locally where the client provides services.  Additionally we do not use an automated answering service like many of the publically-traded radiology billing companies do.  Our phones are answered by real people, and usually on the first ring.  We feel this is the best way to provide quality customer service and make the best use of the patient’s time.  Patients aren’t going to pay your bill if they can’t figure out how to navigate through an elusive voice mail system.  We make it easy for the patient to pay their bill.  At no additional cost to the client, CompMed offers an easy to use web portal.  In the age of every-growing higher and higher deductibles, the client can choose to offer patients a new way to pay, with HonorCare.  HonorCare allows the patient to make payments via a secure web portal, however, the client receives a one-time lump sum net payment.  This allows us to post the payment to the patient’s account within a few business days, resolving that account, and further reduces Days in A/R.  This is a great tool to implement to increase the practice’s cash flow.  And CompMed doesn’t charge the client extra for this feature!  Merchant Card fees are always another area of concern to our clients.  We use an industry leading merchant card service to ensure that the client enjoys the lowest credit card rates available.  Lower expenses means the client has more available cash to disburse.

CompMed stays competitive with our pricing because we also offer eTexting to alert the patient that their statement is ready.  Protected Health Information is not transmitted in the text, patients are directed to the client’s specific secure web portal to pay their bill. Not only does this eliminate traditional mailing through the Unites States Postal Service, it speeds payments as well.  We utilize tools that are automated and efficient, and that give the client the best opportunity to collect patient responsibility payments.

CompMed focuses on credentialing for the radiology practice.  We ensure that the group participates with the desired insurance plans and that each individual radiologist is linked to the group.  We also process Revalidations and make sure that CAQH and other entities have current up-to-date licensure.

The introduction and implementation of MACRA/MIPS, reimbursement cuts, and compliance issues significantly impact a practice’s revenue. CompMed provides the solution by offering state-of-the-art Revenue Cycle Management software – Imagine Software Platform – by employing coders certified in radiology by the AAPC and RRC, and by providing robust report Analytics. CompMed performs automated Charge Capture Verification to ensure every dictation that is performed is billed and resolved. CompMed’s solutions help practices maintain revenue, reduce operating costs, and minimize regulatory risks.