Solutions for Your Practice

CompMed Medical Billing SolutionsTeleHealth is a rapidly growing discipline that has some very specific requirements in order for the billing to be compliant.  CompMed understands this billing and can process claims for the facility and physician group.

TeleHealth practitioners must ensure this billing meets CMS guidelines:

  • The SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility), RHC (Rural Health Center), or other type of facility must be located in an authorized area.  To find out if the facility you plan on partnering with is an eligible location, click this link:
  • The provider must be licensed in the state in which the patient resides in the authorized facility.
  • The provider must be licensed or certified in the appropriate specialty for which they are billing.

There are specific modifiers that are required when billing for TeleHealth services.  CompMed educates the provider on the CPT codes that are allowed to be billed.  Many times, there are only certain diagnosis codes that are allowed to be billed for certain Evaluation & Management CPT codes. CompMed educates the providers on what is appropriate and compliant for the service they are providing.

Much of this billing will be to Medicare, however, many clients are concerned about the patient responsibility portion of the remaining balance.  CompMed ensures that secondary and tertiary insurance is billed, and that patients are contacted to collect their remaining balance, no matter how small the balance.  Other companies only collect on the largest balances, CompMed resolves accounts regardless of balance. CompMed clients enjoy higher payments and lower Days in A/R.

Collecting balances due from patients in rural areas can be a challenge.  CompMed is sensitive to this.  We are compassionate with patients and work with them to give them choices to resolve outstanding amounts due.  CompMed feels it is our responsibility to make collection efforts to resolve patient’s accounts, rather than routinely turning over accounts to the collection agency – this method does not improve patient collections and increases the practice’s expenses.  It can also harm the practice’s reputation in the community. We provide a secure patient web portal where the patient can pay their balance in full or make payments.  In the age of every-growing higher and higher deductibles, the client can choose to offer patients a new way to pay, with HonorCare.  Our phones are answered by real people, and usually on the first ring.  We feel this is the best way to provide quality customer service and make the best use of the patient’s time.  Patients aren’t going to pay your bill if they can’t figure out how to navigate through an elusive voice mail system.  We make it easy for the patient to pay their bill.

CompMed Solutions can process an institution’s billing for the Originating Facility Fee as well. We are able to process billing on the UB04 institutional claim, and as always, we file the majority of claims electronically.  By doing this, the client enjoys faster payments, and CompMed users can quickly post payments in an electronic and automated fashion, which keeps the billing cycle moving effectively and efficiently, keeping Days in A/R low.