Why Choose CompMed?

Solutions for Complex Medical Business Management.

CompMed Medical Billing SolutionsCompany

CompMed Solutions is a privately held company, whose focus is on our clients, not a board of shareholders.  We develop strong relationships with our clients whose average tenure with us is over 15 years. We provide solutions, not excuses.


CompMed Solutions management team has over 75 combined years of experience in billing, accounting, sophisticated analytics and business management.  The cornerstone of our business and #1 priority is customer service.  We are knowledgeable and professional and deliver unequaled service that you will not experience anywhere else.


CompMed Solutions uses the most advanced industry leading billing software.  This allows us to automate as many routine functions as possible so that the proper necessary time is devoted to resolving accounts.  As insurance needs change, we can change our software immediately to accommodate new claim filing requirements.  We are forward-looking and plan well ahead of time for industry changes.


We are hands-on with our clients.  We have daily/weekly/monthly contact with every client.  We communicate directly with the provider not only to give feedback but to provide solutions to everyday business needs.  We are immediately available and respond quickly, and accurately, to their needs.

Education and Training

CompMed Solutions employs many types of certified individuals in all facets of the company to ensure that all of our employees are educated and trained on billing, industry, and governmental regulations.


We are constantly fine-tuning our processes and procedures.  We implement the most efficient method to accomplish each task so that the A/R is accounted for and resolved as promptly as possible.


CompMed Solutions provides valuable billing and financial data to our clients within days of the end of the month so as to proactively analyze and resolve issues.

Made in the USA

All CompMed employees live and work in the United States.  We do not farm out any work overseas.